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Therapy Session

‘Jo Bailey’s warmth and kindness really put me at ease and allowed for open and honest sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone, particularly those like me who were nervous of the idea of counselling before meeting her.’ 

Geoff, 21, Surrey

‘Jo works with great compassion and empathy. Her thoughtful and articulate summarising gently guides me to reflect on my current thought process and consider the direction I hope to move in. She listens without judgement and I have found our sessions enormously helpful.’

Sophie, 30, Surrey

‘I found the sessions very helpful. They helped me to cope with stresses that would have stopped me from attending college. I was closed off to the idea of counselling before I started, but since having the sessions I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my mood and ability to cope with things’
Jessica, 18, Hampshire


‘I was referred to Jo due to mental health problems, and being the first time I had admitted this, I was unsure of everything. Jo put me at ease initially and helped me understand myself and my feelings. I now look at life in a different way. I am so grateful for the counselling. Thank you so much! Onwards and upwards!’ Andrew, 46, Surrey


‘Jo provided the perfect space for me to work through issues I had not properly dealt with before. I felt safe and appropriately challenged. I gained new insight into behaviours that were holding me back. I learned and developed a great deal. I’ve been able to maintain the changes I wanted to make. It was a transformational experience for me.’

Suz, 56, Surrey

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